How to Recall and Check Reviewers of a Pass-on Log

When reviewing pass-on log details, you are able to view the details of the log, its attachments, and see who has reviewed the log. Additionally, you may need to recall a log. In this guide, we will review how to check who has viewed a pass-on log and how to recall a log to prevent team members from continuing to view its details.


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How to View Reviewers 

1. Click on Security and Concierge. 



2. Select Pass-On Logs from the drop-down and enter any information relating to the Pass-On Log. 



3. Click on the Pass-On Log under What Happened from the list



4. You will then see the Pass-On Log Details pop up with the details of the log, any relevant attachments, and who it was reviewed by.  


How to Recall a Pass-On Log 

You may need to cancel/recall a pass-on log because an issue was resolved. 

1. Follow steps 1 -3 in the previous section and you can select Recall under the Action column. 


Alternatively, you can select the Pass-On Log under the What Happened column to open the Pass-On Log Details. 


Then select Recall at the bottom of the pop-up. 



2. Once a pass-on log is recalled, this will prevent team members who have not already reviewed the pass-on log from receiving it. 







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