Parking Permit Setup

In this user guide, we will demonstrate how to utilize the features of the Parking Permit Setup. 


1. Click on Welcome tab then click on Setup 



2. On the left hand side please click on the Security & Concierge feature 



3. Underneath the heading " Visitor Parking " click on the Pencil icon beside parking permit type



4. In Permit you will have three options however you will mainly use Overnight or Day and Night Separately.



5. In Parking Permit Expiration you have 3 options which are:

1) Parking passes expire at the same time everyday;  This means you will have to select a time when the parking passes should expire at on the expiry day. You will also need to indicate the maximum number of hours they are to receive a pass for. 


2) Parking Passes expire after fixed amount of time; This means you can select a fixed length of time when parking passes should always expire 


3) Parking passes can be multiple days ,but expire at the time of day they were issued: This means that if your parking passes can be multiple days but should always expire at the same time of day they were issued. 



6. Once you have choose your parking pass option please select the Max Overnights per Period and the Tracking Period. 


7. Below you will see Day Pass Expiration Time & Midnight Point please make sure their is only 1 millisecond difference between the two. The Midnight is the point in time which when it is passed as such in this example at Midnight.  When we pass this Midnight point , the system recognizes it as being a new day. 



8. In the Default Province/ State:   Please select the appropriate province or state.



9. Click on the Save feature to save your settings.



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