September 17, 2020 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control Central during our September 17, 2020 release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works. 

new__1_.png  NEW:

  • Self-Managed Groups

Based on clients’ requests, we introduced self-managed groups. The functionality allows management to designate which groups can allow “self-joining”, and which cannot. It also allows residents to add themselves to, or depart from those groups, through the desktop platform in an easy and intuitive way. Admins can enable this functionality on the SETUP>Groups page. After that, resident users will be able to use this functionality under My Account or during registration. 


 process-improvement.png  IMPROVEMENTS:

  • Reuse Past Visitors when Using Self-Serve Visitor Parking

We introduced a new feature that allows a user to select from recent visitors when creating a new Visitor from the Resident Account. We added the same capability to the Security & Concierge Console. Users won't need to type details of recent visitors, as they will prepopulate in the corresponding fields. 
We will be working on adding this functionality to the mobile app in one of the upcoming releases. 

  • Store Documents Purchase + Ability to Add Comment to Order

It is now possible to add attachments to the Store items. Such actions won't need admin approval and will include attachments in the email sent to the resident after an order is paid for. Residents will also be able to view attachments under their store orders when they log into CCC. 
We will also allow users to add a disclaimer on the Store page (set up on SETUP page). 
There is also an option to add a comment for purchased items. This setting can be optional or mandatory. 

  • Spell Check Editor across CCC + Ability to Add Image in Announcements Details

We improved text editors across the website, which will now allow for spellcheck. Users also have the ability to add images directly into announcement details.

  • Ability to Save Incident Reports as  Drafts

We will now give users the option to save incident reports as drafts (if users filled out mandatory fields) and publish them on a later date. The Security & Concierge Console can be filtered by Incident Report Drafts. We also improved incident report picture previews. 

  • Introducing Product Update Page

We will be introducing a product update page shortly. This will allow us to keep our admin users in the loop and communicate CCC updates better. We will add an icon on the Home page notifying end users about new release notes. The most important news will appear on slides during the initial login.

  • Improvements to Status Certificate Feature

- Improved unit search on the new Status Certificate page makes it more intuitive and user-friendly. 
- Improved ability to sort/edit file names for status certificate documents by admins. 

  • Ability to Print Event Calendar

We'll introduce a  "Print Calendar" button on the Events page. 

  • Custom Branding for Login Page for Portfolio Management

We introduced an option to customize the login page for portfolios. Admin users will be able to customize it on the SETUP page. We will also allow portfolio users to add a preferred domain on the portfolio SETUP page. 

  • Improvement to Service Request  Email

Service request email will now include the date and time that the original request was created.

  • Parcel Number to be Shown on Parcel Pop-Up Message

We included the reference number to parcels being signed for on a parcel pop-up message (this is  applicable to buildings that use a Topaz signature pad). 

  • Ability to Customize Number of Columns of Packages for Lobby Display

We will now allow users to customize the number of columns for packages shown on a lobby display. 

  • Request for Group's Name to be Viewed in Folder Permissions

We addressed a request for a group's "Display Name" in the File Library to be viewed as the “Group Name” in Folder Permissions .

  • Translation of Left-Hand Menu to Spanish
Users will now see the left-hand menu in Spanish if they select this language preference for their account. The "Service Request" and "Proxy Voting" features can be renamed manually by admins on the SETUP page.

bug.png  BUG FIXES:

  • Fix to Amenity Bookings set to Timeslots Showing Inaccurate Time on Calendar

We addressed an issue with the booking time on the amenity calendar being inaccurate. The issue happened only in a few cases where an amenity was set to timeslots.

  • Fix to Recurring Payment Numbers for Make a Payment Feature

We addressed an issue with the number corresponding to recurring payments made via the "Make a Payment" feature. Now payment numbers for recurring payments are consistent with the payment numbers on Stripe, making it easy to identify the payment. 

  • Fix to Issue with Parking Permits Missing from Visitor Details Report

We addressed an issue with some parking permits missing from the visitor details report default display. 

  • Bug with Timeslots Order on New Amenity Booking Page

We addressed an issue with new timeslots appearing in the incorrect order on the create new amenity booking page. 

  • Bug with Event Change Emails

We addressed a bug that caused event change emails to be sent out to residents when the portal wasn't yet enabled for them. 

  • Bug with Task Voting Feature

We addressed a bug that removed voters if a non-voter posted an update to a task. 


If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support at 416-961-7884, option 2, or email us at

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