Budget Mailout - CSV Excel Tips

This User Guide outlines tips for formatting the CSV Excel template for budget mailouts.


For instructions on creating a Budget Mailout Announcement, refer to the User Guide below:

Budget Mailout Feature


1. Do not delete the default rows or columns in the CSV Excel template. Simply enter new data in each section as needed.


If you delete a row or column, the system will not be able to translate the sequence. It will no longer distinguish between a unit number or a word. This is particularly important when you have a unique unit name such as “MGMT OFFICE” or “MGMT” listed in the unit file under the unit column. The system will still recognize those unique names as a unit if they are listed in the unit file as “unit number”.



2. Ensure the unit numbers you enter match the format in the unit file. If not, you will receive an error message stating the unit number is invalid.

Example: Unit File 0600, Excel 0600   
Example: Unit File 0600, Excel 600     X



3. When reviewing Column B, use the cell format labeled “TEXT”. Do not add in dollar signs $ or commas. Only use decimals.

1,000.00     X
$1,000.00   X



4. The Excel document MUST be saved as a CSV format. A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain text file that contains a list of data which can be read by our system. Any other format will not work.


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