Package Tracking Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Explain how to log single and multiple packages.

2. Recall how to send package reminders.

3. Describe how to release packages.



Video Script

Welcome to the Security & Concierge: Package Tracking overview. In this video we will demonstrate how to log packages, send package reminders and release packages.

To get started, select Security & Concierge from the main menu. From the Security & Concierge Console, select package tracking. This will open the package form where you can log the package details. 

You can log both incoming packages, which are dropped off at your building, and outgoing packages, which are left by residents for pick-up.

For incoming packages, enter either the name or unit number of the package recipient. Once entered, a notice will appear informing you of where the package notification will be sent. If the resident has provided an email address that will be the default choice. If they have not provided an email address but have provided a phone number, you will be prompted to either check send text message or send voice message. If there is no contact information on file, the resident will not receive a package notification from the system. You should, however, still log the package for tracking purposes.

Next, select the courier from the list provided. If the courier is not listed or you cannot determine who the courier is, select other. You then have the option to enter the tracking number of the package. 

After that, provide a brief description of the package using the options listed in the product details section. If you know the package is perishable, like food or flowers, check the box beside check here if package is perishable.

If applicable, enter the storage spot the package has been placed in and then click save. You will now see the logged incoming package in the activity stream. 

Incoming packages can also be logged from your mobile device by scanning the package label and entering the relevant details. This will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.

If you need to log multiple incoming packages, select log multiple packages on the package form. Complete the required fields as you did before and click save. Then, another row will appear for you to enter the next package. To save time, the courier and storage spot field will default to what you last entered. Continue this process until all the packages have been logged and have a green checkmark. Once completed, click the X in the top right corner and hit refresh. You will now see the logged incoming packages in the activity stream.

For outgoing packages, the process is largely the same. Start by entering either the name or the unit number of the resident that dropped off the package. Next, enter the name of the person the package was left for. Like before, you then need to enter the relevant details. For courier, select individual drop-off. Once you have entered all the details click save. You will now see the logged outgoing package in the activity stream.

To send package reminders, open the package log. Based on the residents’ preferences, you will either see a button that says send email reminder, send text reminder or send voice reminder. Once selected, this will send an automated reminder to the resident. If you prefer to call the resident directly, perhaps because the item is perishable, select log call. This will display the residents’ contact information and allow you to log the details of the call.

When a resident picks up a package you must release it from the system. To do so, find the package log by scrolling through the activity stream or search using the outstanding packages filter. Once you find the package log, click release. 

This will open the release form. First, enter the name of the person picking up the package. Select view all users in unit to cross-reference the name with the residents that live in that unit. If ID verification is required, check the box beside ID verified and enter the ID type and number and then click submit. 

If your building requires package signatures, a signature prompt will then appear on your screen. Capture the signature on your tablet or signature pad and click done. This will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos. You will now see that the package was picked up in the activity stream. 

This concludes the Security & Concierge: Package Tracking overview. For more information on the package tracking feature, please refer to our user guide.

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