Key Checkout Video Guide


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Learning Objectives: 

1. Explain how to checkout a key. 

2. Describe how to add, update, or delete a key. 

3. Recall how to check-in a key. 



Video Script

Welcome to the Security & Concierge: Key Checkout overview. In this video we will demonstrate how to checkout a key, log a new key and check-in a key. 

To get started, select Security & Concierge from the main menu. From the Security & Concierge Console, select key checkout. This will open the key checkout form where you can log the required details.

Start by entering the name of the key you would like to checkout. If the key does not show-up on the drop-down menu or you are not sure what the key is called, select view complete key list.

Here, you will see the full list of keys for your building including the key details, key owner, and key status. The list of keys is imported by building management but can be added to or revised at any time. If enabled, you will also see the option to update a key’s details, return a key to its owner or delete a key from the system. Once you find the required key click select. 

If the key is not listed, and your building has enabled the feature, you can add the key by selecting new. This will open a second form where you can log the details of the new key. Begin by entering a name for the key. Then, enter the key details, this might include a breakdown of how many keys and fobs are included or the intended purpose for loaning the key. 

If the key is temporary, meaning it is being lent out for a specific purpose and timeframe, check the box beside temporary key. If applicable, enter the name of the key owner and then click save. You will now see the key in the drop-down menu.

Next, enter the name of the person that is checking out the key and if applicable, the company they work for.

After entering the name and company, enter the identification details. First enter the ID type, then the ID number, followed by the reason for the key checkout. Once completed, click save. 

If your building requires signatures, a signature prompt will then appear on your screen. Capture the signature on your tablet or signature pad and click done. This will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos. You will now see the checked-out key in the activity stream.

To view past key checkouts, scroll through the activity stream or search using the keys checked out filter. Open the desired key checkout log to review the details.

When a key is returned, you must check it back into the system. To do so, either select check in key from the key checkout log or click check in from the activity stream. In the new window, add any comments and click save. You will now see that the key has been checked-in in the activity stream. 

This concludes the Security & Concierge: Key Checkout overview. For more information on the key checkout feature, please refer to our user guide.

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