Authorized Entry Video Guide


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Learning Objectives:

1. Explain how to add and edit an authorization.

2. Describe how to log authorized entries.

3. Recall how to relock a unit.



Video Script

Welcome to the Security & Concierge: Authorized Entry overview. In this video we will demonstrate how to add and edit authorizations and log authorized entries.

To get started, select Security & Concierge from the main menu. From the Security & Concierge Console, select authorized entry. This will open the authorized entry form where you can log the person’s details.

Start by entering the unit number of the authorized entry. You will then see a list of authorizations for that unit. Typically, residents create their own authorizations, but on occasion they may ask you to create one on their behalf. If your building allows this, select click here to add new authorization. 

This will take you to the authorization form where you can log the details of the authorized person. This form can also be accessed from the Unit File which will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.

First, select the name of the resident that authorized the entry, Next, enter the name of the authorized person. After that, enter the date and time range the person is authorized to enter the unit. 

The start date and time will default to the current date and time but can be updated as needed. If there is no specific end date and time, leave that field blank. Once the date and time have lapsed, the person will no longer show up on the authorized entry form.

Next, enter the reason for the authorized entry and provide any additional comments. If applicable, you can then upload a picture of the authorized person to assist with future identification. Once completed, click create. You will now see the new authorization in the resident’s unit file. If you need to edit an authorization, select the edit icon and update the details accordingly.

When you return to the authorized entry form, you will see the new authorization on the list. To log an authorized entry, select the person from the list.

Next, select the entry type from the drop-down menu. If the person needs to be let into the unit, select guard unlocked. If you loan the authorized person a key, check the box beside checkout a key. Then, select the key from the drop-down menu. If the key is not listed, select new. Then enter the details for the key and click save. Key tracking will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos.

If ID verification is required, check the box beside ID verified and enter the ID type and number. Lastly, add any additional comments about the authorized entry. Once completed, click create. 

If your building requires visitor signatures, a signature prompt will then appear on your screen. Capture the signature on your tablet or signature pad and click done. This will be covered in-depth in subsequent training videos. You will now see the authorized entry in the activity stream. 

When the person leaves, you must relock the unit in the system. To do so, find the authorized entry log by scrolling through the activity stream or search using the authorized entries filter. Once you find the authorized entry log, click relock. You will now see that the person has left in the activity stream.

This concludes the Security & Concierge: Authorized Entry overview. For more information on the authorized entry feature, please refer to our user guide.

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