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Learning Objectives: 

1. Explain how to create a pass-on log. 

2. Describe how to recall a pass-on log. 

3. Recall how to search and view pass-on logs. 



Video Script

Welcome to the Security & Concierge: Pass-on Log overview. In this video we will demonstrate how to create a pass-on log, review a pass-on log, and recall a pass-on log.

To get started, select Security & Concierge from the main menu. From the Security & Concierge Console, select pass-on log. This will open the pass-on log form where you can log the relevant details.

First, enter a subject line for the pass-on log. Next, enter the details you want to share with your team. If you have permission to send private pass-on log chats, you can mark the details as either Public, meaning any user with access to the Security and Concierge console can see the pass-on log in the activity stream, or Internal, meaning only the team members assigned the pass-on log can see it in the activity stream. If you do not have permission to send private pass-on log chats, you will not see these options.

Then, if applicable, upload an attachment to the pass-on log, like a picture or video. Next, select the team members you want the pass-on log sent to. If the pass-on log is intended for everyone, select send to all team members. Only members of the security and concierge user group will display in this section. 

Once completed, click save. You will now see the pass-on log in the activity stream.

When the pass-on log recipients sign into the system, a window will pop-up with the details of the pass-on log. They then have the to option to review the message, selecting reviewed upon completion, or closing the window to review the message later. The pass-on log will continue to pop-up on the screen until the recipient selects reviewed. If enabled, you also have the option to select skip all which will dismiss the pass-on log. 

To check the review status of a pass-on log, scroll through the activity stream or search using the pass-on logs filter. Then, open the desired pass-on log. You will now see the details at the top followed by the reviewers’ status. To print the pass-on log select print. This will open a new window where you can configure your printing options.

If you need to cancel a pass-on log, perhaps because the issue was resolved, select recall either in the pass-on log or from the activity stream. This will prevent team members, that have not already reviewed the pass-on log, from receiving it. 

This concludes the Security & Concierge: Pass-On Log overview. For more information on the pass-on log feature, please refer to our user guide.

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