Security Patrol FAQ


How much time does my staff have to finish an unscheduled patrol?

This is determined by the time range setting on the setup page. This time allotment will apply to both scheduled and unscheduled patrols. 



Can we pause in the middle of a patrol and continue at a later time?

Yes, you can stop and resume a patrol at any point within the designated time range. Re-launch the Condo Control App, select Security Patrol, and click Start Patrol. You will then be prompted to resume your patrol. 



Are Property Managers notified when I complete or miss a patrol?

Yes, Property Managers are notified when patrols are completed or missed. This information can also be accessed in the Security & Concierge activity stream.



When I create an incident report during a patrol, does my Property Manager get notified?

Yes, Property Managers are notified when incident reports are created. Regardless of if they are created on the Security & Concierge Console or during a security patrol. All incident reports can be accessed and reviewed from the Security & Concierge console.



Can we reuse an old NFC tag for a new checkpoint?

Yes, you can reuse an old NFC tag and assign it to a new checkpoint. To change the NFC tag assigned to a checkpoint, launch the Condo Control mobile app and select Security Patrol. Then, click settings and pick the appropriate patrol route. Click on the checkpoint and select Re-scan a new tag. 



For more information of the security patrol feature, refer to the user guides below:

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