Vendor Portal - Quote Requests

This guide will review how to submit and view responses to your vendor quote requests.

1. Login to your Condo Control Account. 


2. From the main menu, you can get to the Quote Requests using one of the two methods. 

Method 1: Hover your cursor over Purchase Order from the left-hand navigation menu. You will then see a pop out window with several options including Quote Requests.  Clicking on this button will open the Quote Requests page.


Method 2: Open the Purchase Order module. Once this module is open several new sub-menu items will appear below it in the main navigation menu.  Clicking on the Quote Requests feature access your vendor page.



3. On the Quote Requests page, you can create and send quotes to vendors who have been added into your vendors list.  (For instructions on how to add vendors to your workspace please see the user guide Here).


On this page you can view current or past quote requests, you can sort between the different types of request statuses by using the filter toggles above the quote request name.  Quote requests are sorted with the most recently created requests at the top.


4. To create a new quote request click the button labeled "New Quote Request" in the top right area of the page.



5. Here you will fill out the details of the quote request.

Title - Add a title of your quote request.

Details - Add the details of the job.

Due Date - Add a due date for when vendors need to have a quote submitted. 

Attachments - Upload any relevant files to your request. 

Category - Using the dropdown menu, select the category the request is applicable to.

Send to - This field will automatically be populated with the vendors who fall under the specified category. Each request can be sent to multiple vendors at a time. Quote requests can only be sent to vendors who have already been added into your vendors section.



6. Once you have filled in the necessary information click Save to send the request to the selected vendors.



7. Once you have saved and sent the quote requests you can see the status of the requests and track any quotes that you have received back from the vendor under the Uploaded Quotes tab. 



8. You may send and receive messages from each the vendors associated to your quote request.  Type your message in the box labelled Add Update than press submit to send your message.  When a reply or new message is received from the vendor it will appear in the update history below the Add Update box.



We hope this guide has helped you better understand the functions of the Quote requests & jobs features.  We also have a detailed video guide for these features which can be found Here.

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