How to Edit Self-Registration Settings

In this user guide, we will outline how to customize your registration page settings. You can select which fields will be shown and made mandatory for Owners, Tenants and Residents. 


1. Login to your Condo Control account. 


2. Select Setup from the Welcome menu. 


3. Click on Welcome Site Settings from the main menu.


4. Under the Registration Settings tab, you will will see the fields currently enabled/disabled for each user group. To revise these settings, click the Edit icon at the bottom of the page.


5. Check-off the fields you would like each user group to see during their registration. Then, select which fields will be mandatory for each user group to complete.  If you do not make a field mandatory it can be bypassed by the user.  Once completed, click Save.


6. You also have the option to rename the Photo ID field (e.g. you require Proof of Residency versus Photo ID) and can edit the Photo ID and Profile Picture upload instructions and thank you message. To do so, select the Edit icon.



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