Service Requests: Setup

This user guide outlines how to update your service requests settings from the setup page.


Refer to the video below for a demonstration of the service requests setup page:
Service Requests: Setup Page Overview


1. Login to your Condo Control account.



2. Open the Welcome Menu in the top right corner and select Setup.



3. From the Main Menu, select Service Requests.



Service Requests Setup Page

The Service Requests setup page is divided into five sections: General Settings, Service Request Types, Macros, FAQ's & Knowledge Base, and Service Level Agreement (SLA).


  • General Settings - high-level settings related to service request functionality.
  • Service Request Types - the categories residents pick from when submitting a service request.
  • Macros - automated responses admin. can use when replying to service requests.
  • FAQ's & Knowledge Base - commonly asked questions and support article residents can review before submitting a service request.
  • SLA - commitment from building management to respond to service requests within a certain timeframe. 


General Settings

To revise the General Settings, select the Edit icon beside the appropriate field. 


1.  This setting enables or disables service requests for resident.

2.  Add or Delete new categories for service requests.

3.  Edit the introductory text a resident sees when creating a service request.

4.  Edit whether reminders are sent or not.

5.  Edit whether owners can email the board about service requests.

6.  Enable or disable service requests to be closed without a comment.

7.  Enable or disable priority status options.

8.  Enable or disable the permission to enter option for residents.

9.  Enable or disable the ability to save a service request as draft.

10. Enable or disable the ability to search the service requests list by unit number.


Service Request Types

Click here for a guide on how to add and edit Service Request Types & Custom Fields.



Click here for a guide on how to add and edit Marcos.


FAQ's & Knowledge Base

Click here for a guide on how to add and edit FAQ's and the Knowledge Base.


Click here for a guide on how to add and edit the SLA.

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