How to Set up Violation Tracking Templates

When setting up violation tracking, you must follow these three steps in sequential order:

1. Create Violations Stages

2. Create Violation Types

3. Create Violation Templates

This User Guide outlines how to create Violation Tracking Templates, which pre-populate the comments section of a Violation log.


For instructions on creating Violation Stages and Types, refer to the User Guide below:

How to Set Up Violation Tracking Stages & Types


1. Log into your Condo Control account.


2. Click on "Welcome!" in the top-right corner and select Setup.



3. Click on Print Templates on the left-hand menu.



4. Click Add New Template in the top-right corner.



5. Select the Violation Type and Stage the Template will be connected to. Enter a name for the template and click Next.



6. Enter the content for the Email Template and click Next.


You can use merging data codes to add auto-populated fields to your message.



7. If applicable, upload a Print Template by clicking Choose File then click Save. If you don't have a Print Template, click Save.

NOTE: Ensure your template has the correct merging data codes. Refer to the attached template at the bottom of the page. 



8. Your Violation Template has now been created. When adding a Violation with the applicable type and stage, the comment section will be pre-populated with the template.



9. If you uploaded a print template, it can be accessed after the Violation has been saved. Open the Violation from the Violation List. Click the arrow beside Print Summary and select the appropriate template from the list. 





For instructions on adding a Violation, refer to the User Guides below:

How to Add a New Violation - via Violation Tracking

How to Add a New Violation - via Unit File


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