How to Restrict Amenity Usage: Creating Custom User Groups

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments are requiring proof of vaccination to access public areas. If your building is currently facing such regulations, refer to this user guide for instructions on creating a custom group to manage amenity permissions. To be clear, we do not recommend using our system to store medical information or documentation. Only track this data if you have verified vaccination status for residents and visitors, or manage amenity permissions based on vaccination status.


For instructions on tracking verified vaccination status for residents, refer to the user guide below:
How to Track Verified Vaccination Status: Adding Notes to the Unit File


For instructions on tracking verified vaccination status for visitors or authorized entries, refer to the user guide below:
How to Track Verified Vaccination Status: Adding Visitor & Authorization Notes


Creating a Custom Group

1. Log into your Condo Control account.



2. Click on "Welcome!" in the top-right corner and select Setup.



3. On the left-hand menu click on Groups.



4. Click on New on the top-right corner of the Groups page.



5. Enter a group name, description, and colour code.

6. Select if the group is for Staff or Residents, and if you want to allow residents to join the group independently.

7. If applicable, assign online learning to the group.



8. Under Permissions, expand the Amenity Bookings section and enable the ability to book an amenity and cancel an amenity by checking the box next to the applicable permission(s). Once completed, click Save.



Adding Users to a Group

1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the user group.



2. Click Add New User in the top right corner.



3. Enter the user’s name or unit number and click Search.



4. Select the appropriate user(s) from the search results list and click Add. Once completed, click Close.



5. Select View Members to verify the list of users and click Save to finalize the group enrollment.



If you do not have access to the Setup Page, you can add users to a group through the Unit File. Refer to the following user guide for detailed instructions: How to Change a User's Group Permissions


Revising Group Permissions

After adding the applicable residents to the Verified Vaccination Status group, remove the amenity permissions from the other user groups.

1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon beside the applicable group.



2. Under Permissions, expand the Amenity Bookings section, deselect Can Book Amenities and Can Cancel Own Bookings, and click Save.


3. Members of that user group will no longer have access to the amenity booking feature.


Additional Administrative Options



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