Security Patrol Setup

This user guide will outline how to configure your security patrol settings.


For information on creating patrol routes or conducting patrols, refer to the resources below.
How to Setup a Patrol Route
How to Change the Order of a Patrol Route
How to Conduct a Security Patrol


User Group Settings

Ensure the appropriate user groups have access to the security patrol feature. From your web browser select: Welcome > Setup > Groups. Then select the pencil icon beside the applicable user group (e.g. Security Staff). Open the Security Patrol permissions. 

  • Can Administer Security Patrols - this allows the user group to create patrol routes and add checkpoints. Recommended for Security Supervisors.
  • Can Conduct A Security Patrol - this allows the user group to conduct a patrol (scan the checkpoints). Recommended for Security Staff.


Email Notification Preferences

Ensure you are receiving the appropriate email notifications. From your web browser select: Welcome > Email Preferences. Select Edit and then enable the Security Patrol email notifications.



Patrol Route Settings

Patrol Routes must be created on your mobile device. However, you can edit patrol route names and calendar colours and delete patrol routes, on the setup page. From your web browser select: Welcome > Setup > Security and Concierge. Then click the Patrol tab at the top of the page.

  • To edit the patrol name or calendar colour, select the pencil icon in the action column.
  • To view the patrol checkpoints, select the list icon in the action column.
  • To delete the patrol route, select the trashcan icon in the action column.


Security Patrol Settings

There are three additional setting available on the security patrol setup page.

  • Geolocation Tracking – tracks the location of security staff during a patrol route. Recommended for large facilities or multi-building communities.
  • Time Range - amount of time allotted to complete a patrol route. Recommended for routes that need to be completed within a certain time frame.
  • Checkpoint Sequence - determines if checkpoints must be completed in the assigned order. Recommended for large facilities with a number of checkpoints.



 Important Reminders:

  • Ensure your mobile device has the latest version of the Condo Control App and an updated operating system.
  • Mobile devices must have NFC enabled to scan checkpoint. Refer to the following article for a list of supported devices:
    CC Supported Devices
  • Patrols must be started in an area with a WiFi connection. Afterwards, they can be conducted offline and synced upon completion. The patrol data will automatically sync once reconnected to WiFi.


For more information of the Security Patrol Feature, refer to the FAQ below.
Security Patrol FAQ

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