Condo Control Hardware Guidelines

While Condo Control integrates with many different types of hardware, we do not sell hardware. Below are the general guidelines for the different hardware categories so you may purchase your own hardware to use with Condo Control. 


Lobby Displays

When a lobby display is created in Condo Control it generates a unique web URL that is entered into the display to project the content. Any Commercial Digital Display that can project a web URL will be compatible with Condo Control. The display must have the feature "Play via URL" or similar AND can connect to the internet via Wifi or Ethernet


PLEASE NOTE: Residential TV's such as the ones you can purchase at Best Buy are not suited for use with the Condo Control lobby display feature.

If you purchase a Residential TV to use with Condo Control, you will likely experience some or all of these issues:

  • Browser bar will remain visible
  • TV will turn itself off after a period of time
  • The display with not automatically refresh
  • Pictures and text will not scale properly
  • Pixel burn from running similar images for a long period


The Condo Control lobby display feature works in landscape orientation with the below resolutions. Also below are test URLs you can use to determine if the Digital Display you have works with Condo Control. 

  • 1280x720 -
  • 1920x1080 -
  • 3840x2160 -


Use this image as reference for how the above URLs should show on your Digital Display:



For lobby display model suggestions please see the Lobby Display Model Suggestions guide.


Please see Lobby Display: How to Request a new Lobby Display, Lobby Display: How to create a new template, and Announcements - Lobby Display Video Guide for further information on using lobby displays with Condo Control.


Mobile Phone (General Use)

The Condo Control mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Minimum OS requirements are as follows:

  • iOS (Apple) - 13.0 and later.
  • Android (Google) - 8.0 and up.


Mobile Phones (Security Patrol)

The Security Patrol feature can be used on both iOS and Apple devices that meet the above general use conditions AND the below requirements:

  • Must be an NFC enabled device. 

PLEASE NOTE: Older iPhones had NFC locked for Apple use only (IE: Apply Pay). Current models of the iPhone allow App developers such as Condo Control to access NFC. This website is a good resource to check if your iPhone is NFC enabled. If the "3rd Party NFC Apps" column say "No", then your device is not compatible with our security patrol feature. If you are still unsure if your iPhone has NFC for App use, please contact Apple directly.  


Tablets (Security & Concierge App)

The Condo Control Security & Concierge App is for use on Android tablets only and can be used for packages, capturing signatures, amenity inspections, security patrol (NFC required), and valet service. 


The Tablet must meet these basic requirements:

  • Android OS 7.0 and up

The below requirements are required for specific features only:

  • Good quality camera (required for package scanning).
  • NFC technology (required for security patrol).


To configure the Security & Concierge App on your workspace, you will need to contact Condo Control Support to initiate the setup.


Topaz Signature Pad

Any model of Topaz signature pad that works with Topaz Systems SignWeb will be compatible with Condo Control.  


Please see How to Install Topaz Signature Pad & Signature Pad Video Guide (Topaz) for further information on installing and using a Topaz signature pad with Condo Control. Prior to setting up a Topaz Signature Pad on your workspace, you will need to contact Condo Control Support to initiate the setup.


Parking Pass Printer

Condo Control generates a PDF document that is download to the computer when logging a vehicle. The PDF can then be printed just like any other document. The dimensions of the PDF Parking Permit matches that of typical receipt paper. Any printer that prints in this style such as printers provided by Epson and Dymo are best suited for use with Condo Control. 


To configure a parking pass printer on your workspace, you will need to contact Condo Control Support to enable the correct style of parking pass in your workspace.


ID Scanner

Any TWAIN enabled ID scanner such as the Ambir Technology DS687 will be compatible with Condo Control.


To configure an ID Scanner on your workspace, you will need to contact Condo Control Support to initiate the setup.


Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner works as an input device to the computer it is connect to. Just like a keyboard or a mouse would. Any barcode scanner that works with your computer, will also work with Condo Control.


PLEASE NOTE: The barcode scanner is used exclusively to scan tracking numbers into Condo Control when logging a package. It does not import any other information and is not used to release a package. 


Please see How To Use the Barcode Scanner for Packages for further information on how to use a barcode scanner with Condo Control.



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