Security Patrol: How to Change the Order of Patrol Route/Rename a Point

Once a route has been created for your building, the user can review the route and change the order of the patrol points. To do this, log in to your Condo Control Central account on your mobile device

Rename a Patrol Point

1. Tap on Security Patrol on the left-hand menu

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2. Tap on the Settings icon in the top-right corner. 


3. Tap on the Patrol route you would like to edit



4. Tap on the patrol point you would like to rename.


5. Type in the text box the name you would like to change the point to, and then click on the Save button in the top right corner

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Re-order Patrol Points

To re-order your patrol points, repeat steps 1-3 above, then:

1. Tap and hold the three lines on the point you would like to re-order and then drag it to the new position.


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