How to set up a route for Security Patrol


Please follow these steps to create a patrol route on your mobile device, which is the first step to set up Security Patrol:


1. Log into your account from CCC app.

2. Go to “Security Patrol” on the left-side menu

3. Press “Settings” button on the upper right side of “Security Patrol“ section


4. Press “+” button to add a new route


5. Add the name for a new route and save it



Now is the time to scan and add new checkpoints:


1. Click on the created route (you can search for a route by clicking on the “Settings” button on the upper right side of “Security Patrol” section).


2. Click on the “plus” button on the upper right side of the section.

3. You would be presented with two options:

- “Add a new checkpoint” (select his option if you are creating a new checkpoint for this route)

- “Add and existing checkpoint” (if you want to add a previously created checkpoint to a new route)

4. Add a name to a checkpoint, then press “Scan the Tag” button to scan the NFC tag.

5. After you scan the NFC tag (which would be further located at certain place around the building) click the “Save” button at the upper right side of the section. 

6. If you need to edit the name of the checkpoint, click on the checkpoint, edit the name and press the "safe" button on the upper right side of the section. If you want to delete the checkpoint from the route, press the "trash" button. (Please note, that you can not delete the checkpoint if it is linked only to one route).



7. Continue adding checkpoints following steps 2-5 of this user guide. 


Voilà! Once you have added all the checkpoints, the route is ready. Follow this link to see how to schedule a Security Patrol.

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