Security and Concierge Video Guides

Included are video guides to help you with various modules in Condo Control.


Overview -  These videos guides will give you a general overview of the Security and Concierge Console and Security and Concierge Setup Page.

Visitor Parking - These videos will help you understand how to create, approve and manage Visitor parking logged in Condo Control as well as how to print visitor parking passes.

Package Tracking - These videos will help you with inputting packages, releasing packages, and using the signature pads if your property uses one.

Security Logs, Reports and Authorizations - These videos will guide you in using various features in the Security and Concierge console such as submitting security logs, incident reports and key checkouts.

Security Patrol - These videos will guide you in configuring and managing Security Patrols

Unit File - These videos will help you navigate the Unit File module in Condo Control.

Service Requests - These videos will help you configure and manage your properties Service Requests.


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